Holbeck Montbeliarde

New Holbeck Farm, Radley Road, Halam, Newark, England, NG22 8AT




The Holbeck herd of Montbeliardes is based near Newark, the milking herd numbers 430 head, with cattle grazed for 10 months of the year. Breeding focuses on BCS, Sloped rumps, high fertility, strong feet and components.

Visitors are welcome
Stock always for sale
One of the first classified Montbeliarde herds in the UK.
We are currently converting to organic status

April 2016 - check the stock for sale page

holbeck cows grazing 3

Ian, Steph and Tom Sharman

Ian - 07748 637852 ~ Steph - 07977 495505 ~ Tom - 07769 153531
email- iansharman@btconnect.com

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